Food Straight

A Virtual Famer’s Market

Looking For Local Food Providers?

Wilspell (old english for “good tidings”) was created in these trying times to help people find from local providers. This supports the local economy and we believe local food is safe. food. At the moment, there two ways to get the products you buy: at predefined pickup locations within a specific time window or by signing up for a delivery if it is available in your area. When you purchase through Wilspell, all of the transaction details – handling cash and credit cards, sorting through product, etc. Is taken care of ahead a time. Just grab your box at the pickup location and you’re back in the car. Or have them leave it on the porch! We are working on features like group buying in neighborhoods but there’s no time to waste – you need safe, healthy foods now!

Are You A Food Provider?

Are you a farmer, baker, restaurateur, florist or other local producer looking to reconnect with your customers in a way that is safe but you don’t know where to get started? You’ve come to the right place! All you need is an airy, well-ventilated pickup location or the ability to drive a delivery route. Don’t worry, you can charge for deliveries if needed or set order minimums. There’s no up front cost to start selling and we’ll help you through the technical details!